Adam Shames

Adam Shames, MBA - Founder & CEO

Adam is a well recognized human factors expert and the founder and CEO of Core Human Factors, Inc., a 20+ person consulting firm. He has an M.B.A. in international business from the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University and a B.S. in human factors engineering and psychology (double major) from Tufts University, where he received the De-Florez Prize in Human Engineering. Adam also has a Certificate in Applied Ergonomics Training from the United States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine. Adam spent the better part of two decades conducting usability research, has been the Principal Investigator on hundreds of usability studies with tens of thousands of participants in cities around the world and has worked as a consultant for over 15 years. Adam is a long-time member of the AAMI Human Factors Committee, has been recently appointed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an Expert on the IEC Joint Working Group on Human Factors, and is a contributing author on all of the international human factors standards for medical devices. As an active member of the AAMI Human Factors Engineering Standards committee, Adam has personally worked on every one of the international standards that focus on the application of human factors engineering to the design and development of medical devices and drug delivery devices. These standards include: IEC 62366-1, IEC 62366-2, ANSI/AAMI HE75, and IEC 60601-1-6. In addition, Adam has reviewed and edited the AAMI technical information report (TIR) titled “Human Factors Engineering – Guidance for Contextual Inquiry” and is currently collaborating on a TIR titled “Integrating Human Factors Engineering into Design Controls”. These standards and TIRs drive human factors engineering work performed on medical device and drug delivery devices around the world and are instrumental in compliance with regulatory agencies.