Pati C. Anderson

Pati Anderson, MSE - Principal Associate

Pati received a MSE in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania, where she completed a these on neuroscience research on epilepsy. Previously she received a B.S. from Roanoke College in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and a concentration in anthropology, where she received honors in the major for physiology research. Her interest in biology, engineering, and anthropology have driver her work at Core, where she strives to learn how medial devices and combination products fit into the lives of the end users, and understand how the user interface can be best optimized for usability, safety, and effectiveness. Pati is currently a member of AAMI, and has a strong understanding of standards and regulation requirements for human factors work on medical devices and combination products. She has managed dozens of human factors projects and is comfortable working on all phases of a device's iterative design process.