Core provides a full suite of services customized to each client and project.

Analytical Research

We specialize in analytical research methodologies such as Cognitive Walkthroughs, Expert Reviews, Functional/Task Analyses, Heuristic Analyses, Human Factors Analyses / User Analyses, Threshold Analyses, Etc.

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Observational Research

We specialize in observational research methodologies such as Competitive Evaluation Testing, Contextual Inquiry, Formative Usability Testing, International User Research Interviews/Surveys, Labeling Comprehension Studies, Summative Usability Testing, Self-Selection Studies, Validation Testing, Etc.

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IFU Development

From optimal font size for readability, to layout and recommendations for print stock, our designs rely on human factors analysis and focus on safety and efficacy from the beginning of the design process.

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IRB Services

Thanks to our focus on behavioral (non-drug) studies, our streamlined, non-bureaucratic review process, and our personal dedication to ethics in research, we can offer faster IRB review for a lower cost than any for-profit IRB that we know of.

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Participant Recruiting

See our sister website for more information about recruiting participants for research studies:

Regulatory Guidance

Core has helped large and small companies navigate the regulatory process for bringing medical devices to market in the U.S. and in the E.U. This includes preparation of HFE/UE Reports and Usability Engineering Files.

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